Jan 12, 2021|

JD Logistics Supports Xu Fu Chi on Supply Chain Transformation


by Rachel Liu

JD Logistics (JDL) signed a partnership agreement with Chinese confectionaries manufacturer Xu Fu Chi on January 8th, aiming to leverage JDL’s products and technology to support Xu Fu Chi on the digital transformation of its supply chain management system, building a system with integrated operations capability of the entire supply chain, as well as omnichannel service capability under all scenarios.

JDL’s 5G smart logistics park technology has been put into use in Xu Fu Chi’s smart factory in Dongguan, Guangdong province. JDL has shared its cutting edge technology with Xu Fu Chi to build digital parking, a digital fleet, and block chain. The smart factory in Dongguan has built a digital platform for warehouses, intelligent dispatching on platforms, digital contact system and more to improve the efficiency in the warehouse on transportation and human resources. Now 100% of shipping business in the Dongguan warehouse is online. The transfer business from Dongguan to other warehouse in China has been entirely digitalized too.

“This is only the beginning for JDL to help Xu Fu Chi on intelligent supply chain transformation,” said a representative from JD Logistics:“In the future, we will work deeply with Xu Fu Chi to upgrade the smart logistics management system, the establishment of logistics infrastructure such as warehouses and logistics parks, as well as providing integrated logistics services, to accelerate the application of new logistics technologies.”

In June 2018, JDL and Xu Fu Chi worked together on building a “boundaryless factory”, a new logistics model that connects manufacturers and consumers directly without any warehousing process in the middle. In this way, Xu Fu Chi’s handmade snacks that have short shelf life can be delivered to customers in a shorter time, enabling more customers from areas outside of Dongguan to enjoy the snacks.