Jan 21, 2021|

JD Logistics to Help Henan Xinhua Bookstores Build Smart Logistics Network


 by Yuchuan Wang

Henan Xinhua Bookstores Publishing Group signed an agreement with JD Logistics (JDL) on Jan. 16 to establish a dedicated warehousing and distribution network for the book industry in Henan province in three years.

Established in the 1930s, Xinhua Bookstores is China’s largest and only countrywide bookseller, and it is considered by some book-lovers as the Chinese version Barnes & Noble.

JDL will help Xinhua Bookstores launch a smart supply chain management platform, which will optimize Xinhua Bookstores’ platform, digital logistics park and digital logistics management systems.

In addition, JDL will apply 5G, unmanned warehouse solutions, blockchain, IoT and AI technologies to Xinhua Bookstores’ logistics parks, enabling smart vehicle parking, blockchain tracing and more functions to be implemented.

“JD will open its leading logistics products, network and technologies to Henan Xinhua Bookstores,” said a representative from JD Logistics. “The application of these advanced technologies is expected to help Xinhua Bookstores lower the cost of logistics park operations and increase efficiency.”

Earlier this month, JDL signed another partnership with Chinese confectionaries manufacturer Xu Fu Chi, aiming to support the brand on the digital transformation of its supply chain management system.