Jan 21, 2021|

JD Announces Premium Store List of 2020


by Ling Cao

JD announced a premium store list of 2020 on Jan. 19, which is based on products’ quality, delivery speed, enquiry-solving ability, as well as after-sale service. JD will provide these stores with subsidies and resources, such as four free marketing events in 2021. The list could also serve as a shopping guide for JD’s customers.

Based on the scoring system, stores on the list performed 51% higher than that of the average stores in the above four criteria, providing customers with a better shopping experience.

Shangyuantang Drug Store on JD is on the list. According to the store head Lei Shen, this store responded quickly very early in the outbreak early last year, and prepared abundant masks and other medical supplies. When customers began desperately searching for the items online, Shangyuantang didn’t raise prices by even a penny, despite the price hike of raw materials. Due to good customer service and its commitment to ensuring the livelihood of customers, the store got a 100% satisfaction rating from hundreds of thousands of customers.

The premium store list covers integrated categories for various stores on JD, such as Bayer for healthcare products, Durex, Nestle, TCL for home appliances and daily necessities, GAEMIN for watches, and cosmetics from Perfect Diary.

Other stores on the list also performed well. For example, Puppy home appliance store on JD launched a central after-sale service in the industry for the first time, offering customers free repairs and trade-in service even if the product has been damaged by customers.

“JD aims to optimize the business environment by providing resources and support for high quality merchants, promoting their business to be larger and stronger, and providing customers with more premium products,” Feng Zhang, head of marketplace business at JD said, “JD will continue to promote governance innovation, joining hands with merchants together to build a new ecosystem in retail.”