Aug 18, 2020|

JD Logistics Upgrades Its Brand


On August 18th, JD Logistics celebrated its eighth anniversary, following its official registration as a company in 2012. Zhenhui Wang, CEO of JD Logistics, sent a congratulatory letter (in Chinese) to JD Logistics employees, in which he announces the upgrade of JD Logistics’ mission and vision, organizational structure and brand image, to further its goal towards becoming a leading global supply chain and logistics company.

Below is a courtesy translation of Wang’s letter.


Seizing the moment and aiming even higher

A Letter from JD Logistics CEO

My dear brothers and sisters,

Eight years ago, we officially registered the logistics company.

Over the past eight years, with the upgrading of consumption and driven by the internet, logistics has become infrastructure for the whole society and the basic way to link people to a better life. JD Logistics has the honor to witness and participate in the creation of this golden era.

Over the past eight years, we have operated over 750 large-scale warehouses in China, with a total area of approximately 18 million square meters, storing over 6 million SKUs.

Over the past eight years, we have delivered a total of over 50 million tons of goods, equivalent to transporting enough water to fill nearly four West Lakes of Hangzhou. Our more than 200,000 brothers and sisters have been providing fast and more importantly, warm service to customers.

Over the past eight years, our logistics network has covered 100% of the districts and counties of Chinese Mainland, and has penetrated to the lower-tier villages and countryside. Technology-driven same-day delivery became an important standard of “China speed”.

Why have we become who we are today?

Do long-term things. Doing something long-term depends on determination and persistence. From the earliest opening of our warehouse in Beijing’s Fenghuangling (Phoenix Ridge), to today, when we are penetrating the lower tier cities with our warehousing network for the third time, the layout of our infrastructure extends from where sales happened to the origin of products, from warehouses to logistics hubs and to delivery stations, paving the way for shortening the chain from production to sales. From the operations of Shanghai Asia No.1 logistic park in 2014, to the launch of the world’s first fully-automated warehouse, and first 5G smart logistics park; from every real time delivery commitment to our consumers, to help our couriers optimize the delivery routes, our focus and investment in technology application and R&D continue to improve the customer experience and the efficiency of the whole process.

Do ordinary things. We believe that doing ordinary things well is the greatest contribution to the society. Ordinary is “order in the morning and receive it the afternoon”; It is every delivery-to-door service and continued delivery during Chinese New Year; It is daring to make provision of high quality services as the standard. Ordinary is the voluntary transportation channel for emergency relief materials during the pandemic; It is to ensuring the supply of medical supplies and daily necessities; It is to transport luggage for medical teams and distribute education materials; It is building the emergency materials supply management platform; It is the continued supply of Beijing residents daily food from Gaobeidian agricultural product base in Hebei. Ordinary is every parcel we have delivered with love and trust.

Do things together. Only when we work together can we have a long-term future. We are firmly committed to our opening-up strategy. Over the past three years, moving from serving JD Retail to serving hundreds of thousands merchants and social institutions, more and more clients have gradually handed over all their logistics business to us. Many also use our technology and services. Cases of our cooperation model have even made it into our client enterprise’s show rooms. Having opened up our integrated supply chain to society and serving more consumers and clients, we have gained many more like-minded partners. Let us drive the progress of the industry through a symbiotic ecosystem approach, and jointly improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

We are like a youngster, full of vitality. JD Logistics always adheres to the value of “customers first”, constantly improve service quality, and gain the trust of more customers. In order to more effectively move towards becoming the world’s leading supply chain logistics company, we are making three upgrades:

Mission and vision upgrade. JD Logistics’ mission will be upgraded to “Powered by technology for global efficient circulation and sustainable development.” Our vision will be upgraded to “become the most trusted service provider of supply chain infrastructure.” We firmly believe that the determination of establishing a self-built logistics network to provide a better customer service that has taken us to where we are today, our opening up strategy, technology-driven and global perspective will take us further.

Organizational structure upgrade. We have well-organized 7 big regions nationwide. We will achieve sustained high quality growth with a more solid organizational foundation, driven by technology we will achieve revolutionary technological improvements and the realization of a global dream.

Brand image upgrade. JD Logistics will present an even younger, more technical and more open brand image to the public. In “JDL”, “JD” represents, which is the root of JD Logistics’ development and provides guidance for our values. “L” represents Logistics, and also Lead, Link, Less and Love. Our continued pursuit is to offer simpler products and more cutting-edge technology, linking more entities and providing more warm services.

Eight years have passed; a better eight years are on the way

For the next eight years, JD Logistics will improve the customer experience and industry efficiency by building integrated supply chain services and high quality logistics products, guided by our upgraded mission and vision. We will work with more partners to accelerate the transformation of the industrial supply chain by building an omni-scenario logistics technology system and through digital empowerment. We will promote the penetration of the internet in lower-tier markets and the connection of production and sales, to contribute to the national strategy of supply chain and dual circulation development policy, and actively explore the road for China’ logistics to the world, to become a world’s leading supply chain logistics company.


Zhenhui Wang

CEO of JD Logistics

August 18, 2020