Aug 17, 2020|

Coach and JD Deepen Partnership in China’s Market


by Ella Kidron

Coach opened a flagship store on JD on August 16th. The opening of the store marks a further expansion of JD’s partnership with the American brand, following the hugely successful operation of JD’s first-party Coach store.

“We’re thrilled to take the next step in our partnership with Coach,” said Kevin Jiang, President of International Business, JD Fashion and Lifestyle.  “With offerings ranging from entry level to luxury, Coach is one of the most well-known luxury brands in China, and the brand has had consistently had outstanding performance on JD. Furthermore, Coach’s has strong and flexible design and manufacturing capabilities, meeting our rigorous supply chain standards. I’m looking forward to what’s to come in us continuing to work closely together.”

Coach is one of the most well-recognized luxury brands in China. Many consumers in China have fond memories of their exposure to Coach. Several mentioned buying or receiving their first Coach bag, which in most cases was also their first designer bag, as well as stories of upgrading to more premium Coach products as both they, and their lifestyles have matured. Likewise, JD’s consumer base on Coach is very broad, encompassing the younger consumers who select Coach for their starter luxury bag, especially consumers in the lower-tier cities, as well as more affluent consumers who seek the brand’s latest more high-end product lines.

As such, the store on JD is focused on meeting a diverse range of needs at all price points. Collections on offer include the classic Parker, the Tabby, one of the hottest styles this year, and the Hutton series including the China Collection with graffiti style “Rexy” emoticons by artist Guang Yu, as well as the latest fall/winter 2020 offers, a wide range of accessories, and more. In honor of the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day, a special floral bag collection is being sold exclusively on JD.

Coach opened a flagship store on JD

JD has already partnered with nearly 200 luxury brands this year alone. With a longstanding commitment to quality, proven experience in consumer operations, and unmatched supply chain and logistics resources, the company has repeatedly proven to be a clear choice for both brands and consumers in the luxury brands.