May 20, 2021|

JD Logistics Won an AI Innovation Award


by Yuchuan Wang

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released the first winners for a national open AI competition. JD Logistics was awarded for its “intelligent logistics and warehousing equipment” project in the category of intelligent warehousing. The results were announced on May 20 at the 5th World Intelligence Congress held in Tianjin.

JD Logistics’ project covers both warehousing and distribution and includes over ten different kinds of robots. With over 600 patents, it can be adapted to meet the automation needs of large-sized e-commerce companies and manufacturing enterprises.

“The release recognizes JD Logistics’ world-leading abilities in intelligent warehousing which have been proved to be applied at scale in real production scenarios,” said Xu Liu, head of intelligent equipment from JD Logistics.

Since the start of the competition in 2018, MIIT has been selecting the best candidates to lead research projects in the AI industry to mobilize the nation to make technological breakthroughs and accelerate the deep integration of AI technology and economic development.Certificate by MIIT

Certificate by MIIT

At this year’s World Intelligence Congress, JD Logistics also showcased its automation technologies such as its level-4 autonomous delivery vehicle, automated ground vehicles and more.

autonomous delivery vehicles

Meanwhile, JD Logistics is collaborating with Xiqing district in Tianjin to apply autonomous delivery vehicles for last-mile delivery. The company will continue to explore the application scenarios and usage of internet of vehicles with Xiqing district.