Dec 28, 2020|

JD Opens Convenience Stores inside Airports


by Ling Cao has cooperated with small business owners to open JD convenience stores inside several airports, providing an easier shopping experience for travelers.

A store cashier surnamed Xu working at JD’s convenience store at the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, shared, “As a local Xi’aner, I want to provide the best service, because for those first-time travelers to Xi’an, the store could be their first impression, while for workers inside the airport, the store could be a harbor for them to take a break.”

Before upgrading to a JD convenience store, the store in Xian’s airport mainly sold a local specialty product, with daily sales totaling only several thousand yuan. After cooperating with JD since last May, sales increased five to six times daily on average.

The store remains cost-effective among markets though it’s inside an airport, and provides a range of services tailored for travelers, including providing hot water, a microwave oven, a rest area and charging services.

The store is located on the arrival floor and is around 100 square meters. “There are few people who will buy local specialties upon arrival, so a convenience store model is more suitable,” said Mr. Wang, a local manager at JD New Markets. “More importantly, there are no other convenience stores located here.”

Leveraging JD’s expertise in store management, from product selection to store decoration, as well as launching a JD Convenience Go WeChat mini program, JD has helped equip the store owner with necessary knowledge to manage the upgraded convenience store. Ms Xu said, “Previously I don’t think customers would have the demand for online orders, but since JD recommended that we create a mini program, employees at the airports can now enjoy doorstep service.” In fact, the store has received a lot of online orders since launching the service, and is popular among airport employees.

JD has been continuously making innovations in store management and expanding the range of shopping scenarios. Besides Xi’an, JD has expanded the convenience store model in other airports, including Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport.