Dec 28, 2020|

JD Starts Annual Fast Delivery of Chagan Lake Fish from Northern China


by Martin Li

As local fisheries started the annual winter fishing season on December 28th, JD ramped up its annual fast and traceable delivery of signature bighead carp fished out of Chagan Lake in Jilin province in Northeast China.

JD has been a certified supplier of local fisheries for a consecutive seven years, making use of technologies like IoT and blockchain to give each fish a unique code that consumers are able to scan to access information about the product’s authenticity, and trace production, packaging and processing of the fish.

“JD’s blockchain-based traceable system can ensure the authenticity of each fish, leaving no room for counterfeits,” said Yan Laisuo, head of Chagan Lake fishery. “This protects our brand reputation.”

With its vast logistics network across China, JD can deliver fish to consumers within as fast as 24 hours.

Last year sales of fish from Chagan Lake increased by eight times on JD, compared with the same period of 2018.

With New Year around the corner, JD has also provided diversified gift boxes of Chagan fish, ensuring freshness via cold-chain delivery.