May 6, 2021|

JD Participates in China International Consumer Products Expo in Hainan


by Ella Kidron, China’s largest retailer, will participate in the first China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo), which is held from May 7-10 in Haikou, Hainan province. As a leading supply chain-based technology and service provider, the company’s extensive brand partnerships and procurement capabilities will be on full display at the expo.

JD will have a dedicated 500 m2 area in Exhibition Hall 1 (1T014) of the Haikou International Convention Center to highlight key products from top brand partners in a wide range of categories including consumer electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, automotive, life and services and more.

Visitors will be able to experience products on site and even scan QR codes to purchase and have items sent to their homes wherever they live in China, thanks to JD Logistics’ extensive network which can realize 90% of first party orders delivered same- or next-day. JD Logistics will also establish a 30 square meter makeshift delivery station on site at the expo so that consumers and brands can enjoy hassle-free shipping of any purchases or other supplies.

Furthermore, JD Worldwide will also host a discussion in partnership with a representative from the China Certification and Inspection Group on May 7, focused on the future of imports and the role of e-commerce. In addition to providing more color on JD Worldwide’s imports strategy, topics such as how pan-entertainment marketing can connect international brands with domestic consumers will also be discussed. JD will also share an analysis of imported products’ trends.

In participation with internationally-renowned brands, including Bose, Sony, Nintendo, GAS BIJOUX, Siemens, Swisse, Ferrero, GoPro, and many more, the JD’s participation serves to boost Hainan as an international tourism and consumption hub and its innovative consumption development.

Lei Xu, CEO of JD Retail, said: “It’s JD’s responsibility and mission to join the exhibition to further improve the shopping experience by providing a larger variety of products and better services. We want to work with more partners to promote the upgrade of both supply and consumption. We believe that this Expo and the establishment of Hainan Free Trade Port will inject more vitality in global free trade, the global governance system and the recovery of the world economy.”

The Hainan Expo will cover 80,000 square meters, with 60,000 square meters for international exhibitions, and 20,000 square meters for domestic exhibitions. More than 1,300 brands from 69 countries and regions will participate. The expo expected to attract more than 20,000 buyers and over 200,000 visitors of the four days.