Jul 8, 2020|

JD Partners with Marine Stewardship Council to Ensure Safety of Seafood


by Yuchuan Wang

JD has partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an international non-profit organization that formulates and promotes sustainable fisheries and supply chain management standards, to apply the organization’s stringent and sustainable fisheries standards in JD’s seafood quality control. As of now, over 70 seafood products sold on JD, including salmon, toothfish and flounder, have been labelled MSC-certified.

The MSC label indicates that the product is sustainable and trustworthy, and that the entire process is traceable

The MSC’s blue fish label indicates that a product has come from a fishery certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing. Only products where the entire fishing and production process meets MSC’s standards and has been reviewed by an independent third party assessment process can be labelled with MSC. For example, MSC will collaborate with authorized laboratories to test products’ DNA to verify their origins, among other measures.

Earlier in June, JD completed nucleic acid tests on 209 batches of fresh goods – all tests have been negative for COVID-19.

“Food safety is not only the bottom line but also the lifeline for consumers. By partnering with MSC, JD will further provide our consumers peace of mind when purchasing seafood products online” said Wen Li, head of quality control at JD.com’s 7FRESH business unit.