Jun 30, 2020|

100% of JD’s Nucleic Acid Tests on Fresh Produce Are Negative


by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s fresh produce is undergoing nucleic acid tests. As of now, the company has completed tests of 209 batches of goods including domestic meat and seafood and imported fresh produce – all tests have been negative for COVID-19. The testing follows earlier testing of JD couriers and warehouse staff.

The tests were carried out by Pony Testing and Centre Testing.

At the same time, JD strictly controls its warehouse operations, requiring temperature checks whenever people enter or leave the warehouse, and undergoes regular and thorough disinfection of warehouse facilities. The company also establishes an information sharing mechanism with suppliers to make sure to block any risky merchandise, ensuring safe supply to end consumers.

Since the new wave of COVID-19 in Beijing, leveraging its supply chain and in-house logistics network, JD has increased the procurement volume of fresh produce by 200% of the normal daily average, especially for meat, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It is collaborating with over 1,000 suppliers and prioritizing supplies to Beijing.