Sep 15, 2020|

JD Pays Way for COVID-19 Volunteer’s Return to Wuhan


by Rachel Liu

At the height of China’s fight against COVID-19 earlier this year, a young man named Wenqiang Jiang was traveling from his hometown of Dalian to Changsha city when he made a crucial mistake: he accidentally got off the train in Wuhan. As the world knows, the city was in the midst of a strict lockdown. He had no choice but to stay. With no way out and nothing to do, he decided to volunteer at Wuhan No. 1 Hospital to assist medical workers.

Over the course of the next month, Jiang worked 12 hours a day as a cleaning staff working with doctors and nurses to treat COVID-19 patients. His story soon went viral on Chinese social media, with many applauding his diligence and bravery, and his choice to make the most of his unexpected stay in Wuhan. Jiang left Wuhan on March 30th, but his days in the city had left an unforgettable mark.

Half a year later and ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival, JD has arranged an all-expenses paid visit for Jiang to see his former colleagues in Wuhan, where the number of cases have dropped to near zero in recent months. The visit was arranged after the Wuhan No. 1 Hospital and local media extended an invitation to Jiang on social media.

Working with Xiamen Air and Wuhan Vanke Narada Grand Hotel, JD provided Jiang with return flight tickets to Wuhan and a hotel stay, even preparing gift boxes with mooncakes and hairy crabs for Jiang to bring to the medical workers.

On September 11th and 12th, Jiang made his way back to Wuhan. He visited the hotel where he stayed during his time in Wuhan. At the Wuhan No.1 hospital, he finally saw the faces of unmasked medical workers, whom he had worked with every day in the midst of the crisis. Local citizens left comments for Jiang on social media saying, “Wuhan welcomes you back,” and “You are the hero of the city”.