Aug 18, 2021|

JD Pet Introduces Online Consultation Services


by Hui Zhang

JD Pet will offer 24/7 online consultation services through videos, pictures and texts on starting from Aug 18.

Pet owners can access the service by clicking “Ask the Veterinarian for Free” on some of the product details pages. They can enjoy up to 30-minute online consultation services provided by professional and practicing veterinarians via videos, pictures and texts. JD Pet is the first platform to offer video consultation services in the Chinese pet industry.

At present, China’s pet industry has entered a stable and mature period of growth, and the market size in 2020 is close to RMB 300 billion yuan. Affected by the epidemic, more and more people will have their own pets, and the industry is expected to be worth RMB 445.6 billion yuan by 2023. Together with the rising industry scale are the increasing complaints from pet owners about seeking medical help from offline pet hospitals. A large number of pet owners complain about non-transparent, high costs for offline medical services for pets, unprofessional veterinarians, and inconvenient transportation. Online consultation services will help solve these obstacles facing pet owners, making it transparent and convenient.

The online consultation is an addition to JD’s one-stop services offered to pets. JD Pet has covered almost all types of pet-related products and services in the past years while developing the business. These include pet food, snacks, toys, clothes, daily products, smart products, OTC drugs and services such as bathing, grooming, vaccines and sterilization. Customers turn to JD for trusted products, one-stop shopping experience, fast delivery service, and a platform that always strives to understand more about them and their animal friends.