Aug 18, 2021| Stages Largest Recruitment of Graduates in The Industry by Providing 40,000 Openings in The Past Three Years


by Yuchuan Wang announced on Aug. 17 that the company had provided nearly 40,000 job opportunities for graduates in the past three years with 358 types of positions. This July saw almost 400 new hires born after the year of 2000 joining

With rapid development of businesses, JD has been leading in the industry in recruiting the most graduates in the past few years. Earlier this month, the company announced that it will provide 150 types of job positions for class 2022, covering the company’s major businesses across retail, technology, logistics, healthcare, property management, international business and industrial solutions.

While increasing the quantity of recruitment and types of positions, JD also continues to increase the incentive measures for talent. In July this year, announced that it will increase employee annual pay (including bonuses) from 14 months to 16 months over the next two years.

Younger generations have become a driving force for JD’s innovation and business development. Yinlun Li, who is the general manager of marketing operation of’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods business, became a team leader at 24, three years after he joined JD.

JD strives to create a positive working environment while improving employees’ overall well-being. The company will continue to provide broader growth space, richer business opportunities and more diversified job offerings to encourage recruitment of young people.