May 20, 2021|

JD Pet’s One-Year Goal: Incubate 50+ Tier-1 Pet Brands


by Vivian Yang

JD Pet released its upgraded business plan on May 19, pledging to incubate over 50 new tier-1 pet brands within a year through special efforts on pet services, omni-channel development and comprehensive support to brand partners.

During a partner’s conference in Beijing, JD Pet unveiled its value-added pet service packages, which range from pet food shopping, care services, medical services, to insurance policies and more. With these services, customers can not only enjoy standard JD shopping benefits such as 7-day price guarantees, flash return services and shipment insurance, but also customized services for pet owners like taste-test-before-buying offers, gift packs for new “pet parents,” healthcare insurance for pets and more.

Lu Liu, general manager of JD Pet, stressed the importance of omni-channel development in driving growth of the industry. Liu noted that more support needs to be given to offline pet service chain brands which provide offline grooming services and more. At the same time, the pandemic has driven many customers online for pet-related shopping. For this reason, JD Pet wants to connect the online demands and offline services.

Lu Liu, general manager of JD Pet

“JD Pet aims to create a nationwide network for pet brands both online and offline,” Liu said at the event. “The network can offer B2B connections between pet brands and brick-and-mortar stores, as well as O2O connections between offline stores and online customers.”

For online brand partners, JD Pet will make full use of its highly-efficient logistics network and on-demand one-hour delivery consumption models to empower them to reach a wider range of customers and improve customers’ shopping experiences.

During the partners’ conference, a number of pet brands received awards from JD Pet in recognition of their online sales performance and collaboration with JD. For example, Poqii, FRONTLINE,  Drymax, Royal and Myfoodie gained “The Most Influential Award”; and Nourse, Mars, Pure&Natural, PROPLAN, Navarch and Ziwi  received “The Super Brand Award.”

Award ceremony at JD Pet partners conference 2021

Ahead of the upcoming JD 618 Grand Promotion, JD Pet and JD Finance will co-launch a philanthropy project in which customers who purchase items through JD’s own payment systems can opt to donate food to stray dogs in collaboration with an animal protection foundation.