Sep 20, 2018|

JD Ramps Up Expansion of 7FRESH Stores Across China

Consumers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu will soon be able to experience 7FRESH,’s premium offline stores focused on fresh food.

JD has signed agreements with 16 real estate companies including China Poly Group, Joy City, Vanke, Yuexiu Property and Greenland Holdings, to expand the premium supermarket chain. Launched earlier this year, the stores have proven a hit with customers, who are drawn by the unique experience of offline shopping complete with the convenience and service-quality that have made China’s largest and most trusted retailer.

7FRESH is differentiated by its mix of products, with fresh produce making up more than 70% of offerings. Twenty percent of products are directly sourced from overseas suppliers who have been carefully vetted by JD, an important factor for Chinese shoppers, who are increasingly focused on food safety and sourcing. All leafy green produce is restocked within 24 hours, and lots of selected produce can be cooked on site.

“7FRESH redefines the offline retail experience by combining the best parts of fresh grocery markets and top-quality restaurants with cutting edge e-commerce technology,” said Xiaosong Wang, CEO of 7FRESH. “With the expansion of 7FRESH into more cities across China, we are bringing ‘Boundaryless Retail’ to even more shoppers for an incredibly convenient and enjoyable way to buy fresher, safer and more reliable products.”

JD’s own advanced technologies are central to the rollout of the 7FRESH brand. Through the building of customer profiles, JD can determine optimum store locations and layouts. Data analysis also helps improve inventory management by selecting the most appropriate amounts and types of SKUs from JD’s vast selection of goods, according to each store’s unique needs. Meanwhile, ‘Magic Mirrors’ automatically provide product information on a screen when they sense that customers have picked up fresh produce. And JD’s powerful logistics capabilities enable 30-minute delivery from the stores for online shoppers.