Jul 20, 2022|

JD Recognized with China’s AI Technology Accolade


by Doris Liu

JD.com, in hand with Tianjin University, received the second-class Technology Progress Award The Wu Wenjun AI Science and Technology Awards, which is the most prestigious awards in this field in China, for their work on key intelligent technology that matches products to customers and its application in marketing. The announcement was made on July 16.

This Award is named after the renowned Chinese distinguished mathematician and AI pioneer, Wu Wenjun, who was also an academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and were initiated by the only association at the national level officially recognized in the field of intelligent science and technology, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI).

JD has been committed to the research of the core basic technology of digital intelligence. Yongjun Bao, Vice President of JD.com, noted that JD had made a breakthrough in intelligently matching products to customers with accuracy, in-depth user insight and thorough understanding of products, which not only satisfies the personalized and differentiated consumption needs, but has also brought significant economic and social benefits.

In particular, the project proposed three key technologies around user and product attributes and matching recommendations: Multi-level user portrait modeling, product cross modeling across different modalities, and accurate matching of products to people. During the project period, the technical team has published 42 high-level papers and obtained 25 national invention patents. The related contents were cited by Google Scholar more than 4,000 times and won more than 40 awards, including the ADMEN International Awards.

The project has been tested in practice in JD’s complex retail scenarios, helping JD’s intelligent marketing platform grow by more than 200 percent between 2018-2020 by providing users with accurate product recommendations. Furthermore, marketing tools built based on the technology have served for more than 100,000 domestic and foreign merchants to reduce their costs and improve user experience with refined and efficient marketing models.

Since the comprehensive transformation to technology development in 2017, JD has invested nearly RMB 80 billion yuan in basic science and technology R&D. To date, JD’s technological achievements have expanded across many application scenarios such as intelligent retail, intelligent supply chain, logistics and warehousing, smart cities, the industrial Internet as well as the exploration of frontier fields such as credible artificial intelligence, super deep learning, quantum machine learning and more. With JD Cloud as the core brand for technology, JD will continue to help digital transformation and upgrading of partners with lower costs and higher efficiency.