Jul 21, 2022|

Six Things JD.com Has Done That Make Jiangsu’s Agriculture Smarter


by Vivian Yang

JD Technology (JDT) was awarded Jiangsu province’s “Champion Company for Smart Agriculture 2022” at the Jiangsu Digital Village Development Conference on July 6th. Under a comprehensive partnership, JD.com has made big strides in the past year in six main areas to support the rural revitalization of the coastal province of China:

First, making Suqian’s hairy crabs a new signature product of Jiangsu. Through collaboration with the agriculture and rural bureau of Suqian, a city of Jiangsu province, JD supported local farmers on large-scale cooperative production, standardized breeding and quality control systems and omni-channel marketing that helped Internet traffic grow to millions for stores selling the products. As a result, sales of Suqian hairy crabs in 2021 increased 173 times, and during the first ten minutes of this year’s JD618 Grand Promotion, sales of the crabs rose 1150 percent year on year.

Second, promoting sales of local specialty peaches. From scientific farm management, standardized fruits sorting, fresh delivery process to marketing channels, JD has leveraged its know-how in e-commerce and technologies to deeply participate in the digital upgrading of the production and sales of the peaches from Yangshan town under Wuxi city of Jiangsu. Moreover, a JD warehouse was built on site to enhance delivery efficiency across the country. According to Yangshan peach association’s sales data, in 2021, 65 percent of local peach yield was sold through JD.com, making the platform the largest sales channel, and the percentage is expected to reach 73 percent in 2022.

Third, co-creating national demonstration projects on promoting e-commerce in villages in Rudong and Siyang counties. Based on JD Cloud’s technologies, a network of e-commerce public service centers and stations have been built in the two counties which offer a variety of e-commerce services including skill training for individual farmers and companies, brand promotion support, produce tracing systems, and more.

Fourth, giving birth to the new e-commerce produce brand “Jiu Si Xian”. In Chinese, the brand’s pronunciation sounds similar to “fresh indeed” and indicates its origin of Siyang county. Thanks to the e-commerce public service center created by JDT in Siyang as well as JD Logistics’ last-mile delivery services, the brand is able to provide fresh local agricultural products to nationwide customers quickly via e-commerce.

Fifth, the founding of JD’s first demonstration park for agricultural technologies. Situated in Suyu district of Suqian city and covering an area of about 500,000 km², the demonstration park is equipped with three smart systems including the greenhouse environment monitoring, linkage control and the big data center; and contains six functional areas including smart agricultural production, high-tech seedling breeding, processing logistics and delivery, IoT demonstration, science and innovation training center, and sightseeing and leisure fruit-picking. It is estimated that the park will support more than 30 cooperatives and family farms in the vicinity, driving up the production of fruits and vegetables from over 333,000 km², thus the income growth of the households.

Sixth, offering e-commerce training courses to cultivate the new generation of farmers. By leveraging JD’s training resources from JD E-Commerce Industry College in the areas of cross-border e-commerce, new media operation, livestreaming, big data marketing and more, Jiangsu College of Finance & Accounting offered e-commerce training to more than 3,000 students in the past year and the courses will continue to expand in hopes of fostering more talents that can use modern e-commerce skills to promote agricultural development of their hometowns.

Wang Zhengming, vice president of JDT’s intelligent cities business group, pointed out that the company’s technological solution for villages will focus on the building of an intelligent operating system, a new type of infrastructure based on which JDT will continue to develop solutions for the upgrading of the agricultural industry, the modernization of village governance and supporting digitally smart lives for the farmers.