May 13, 2022|

JD Releases 2022 Instant Food Consumption Trend Report


by Mengyang He’s Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute and supermarket business JD Super jointly released the “2022 Instant Food Consumption Trend Report” on May 13, revealing a rapid development of instant food in China’s consumer market.

Characterized as 3R food (easy to cook, easy to heat, easy to eat), the precooked food is a forerunner in the instant food market in China. According to’s data, its transaction volume mounted by 156 percent in 2021 YOY. The number of precooked food brands grew by 1.5 times in 2021 compared with that in 2019, and the number of their products increased by 2.5 times.

One consumption trend is that prefabricated food has developed into more varieties and forms to meet consumers’ demand, including precooked food giftboxes. According to’s data, the transaction volume of precooked food giftboxes grew by 232 percent in 2021 YOY.

Precooked food has also come under the spotlight at the Chinese New Year’s dining table. For example, the transaction volume of precooked food peaked during’s Chinese New Year Grand Promotion in 2022.

Among different age groups, Gen Z consumers record the highest growth rate in transaction volume of precooked food, reaching 137 percent in 2021 YOY. People aged from 36 to 45 are the major consumers of precooked food, accounting for 36 percent in 2021 and surpassing other age groups.

Healthy instant baby food is also leading the trend, which has become increasingly preferred by mothers. As’s data indicates, the transaction volume of instant baby food purchased by female consumers increased by 78 percent in 2021 YOY.

Another consumption trend reveals that people from higher-tier cities in China more easily accept precooked food than those from lower-tier cities.

China’s consumption trends of instant food suggest consumers have drifted away from the stereotype where instant food is stale and unhealthy, instead showing that instant food is now becoming more and more quality-driven.