Aug 9, 2023|

JD Report: From Pink Fashion to Mythical Literature: How “Barbie,” “Fengshen,” and “Chang’An” Are Shaping China’s Consumer Trends


by Vivian Yang

China’s cinematic world is not just lighting up screens but also sparking new consumer trends. With summer blockbusters including Barbie, 30,000 Miles from Chang’an, and Fengshen, among others, moviegoers are bringing their love for these films into their lifestyles, driving a surge in related products on

According to’s Consumption and Industry Development Research Institute’s “July Film Consumption Observations” report, searches for keywords related to these three films on experienced significant year-on-year increases. “Fengshen” saw a 430% increase, “Li Bai,” the famous poet featured in the Chang’an film, grew by 155%, and searches for “Barbie” grew 101%.

A Colorful Wave Inspired by Barbie

Barbie has not only charmed audiences but ignited a love for all things pink. The trend swept across various fashion products, ranging from camisoles and dresses to wide-leg pants and earrings. The appetite for pink-themed products soared, with growth rates varying from an already impressive 156% to an astounding 1,055%. This penchant for pink even led to a tenfold increase in shoppers buying pink sneakers year-on-year.

Among consumers purchasing pink-themed products, 75% were female, with female users accounting for over 80% of purchases for items including pink sun hats, earrings, and headbands. Age-specific preferences also emerged. The post-2000 generation favored pink keyboards, while post-1980s shoppers leaned towards pink lipstick, and the post-1970s generation was more inclined to purchase pink sun hats.

Literary Influence of Chang’an and Fengshen

The historical charm of Chang’an and the mythical allure of Fengshen had an unprecedented impact on book-related products. Searches for titles including Li Bai and His Friends, Fengshen Bang, and Chang’an Ke, soared by YOY increases ranging from 103% to 745%.

The number of shoppers buying books related to Fengshen and “Li Bai” also saw substantial growth rates of 110% and 90% respectively.

Female readers showed a preference for Chang’an Ke, a captivating book that offers eight stories of famous Chinese poets from the Tang Dynasty. Male readers were drawn to Fengshen Bang, also known as the “Investiture of the Gods,” a 16th-century novel rich with Chinese mythology, featuring deities, immortals, and spirits.

Different age groups also had varying interests, with the post-2000s generation showing more interest in Chang’an and the post-1970s generation showing a greater interest in Fengshen.

According to data from the National Film Administration, China’s total box office revenue for July 2023 reached an impressive 8.716 billion yuan, marking a substantial 25% increase compared to the same period in 2018. With more films set to be released in August,’s report anticipates a growing demand for film and TV-related merchandise, as well as cultural and fashion products. Thanks to the booming cinema market, this trend is expected to contribute to the overall growth potential of the consumer market.