May 7, 2020|

JD Report: Post-1995 Consumers Spend More on Entertainment than Post 1985


by Ling Cao and Yuchuan Wang

On May 4th, JD published its report on youth (defined as 16-35 years old) consumption. According to report, the youth generation are becoming the main purchasing power for families and are hard-working, while spend more on entertainment, especially for the post-1995 generation, who spent 21.1% on work and 26.69% on entertainment consumption, which is higher than the post-1985 generation, who spent 13.07% and 16.02% respectively. From January to April, the top categories for youth consumption are snacks, mobile phone accessories, grains, oils and seasoning, household paper products, and diapers and wipes.

Although the dogs and cats market has been impacted by COVID-19, other pet categories have performed well, including birds, turtles and insects. The growth of purchases in these categories by the youth generation is 10% higher than that of the platform average. As for flowers and plants, the sales growth from the post-1995 generation increased 35% y-o-y, and was higher than the post-1985 generation.

The youth generation is more willing to spend money on electronics and gaming products. Sales of gaming products from January to April increased 270% y-o-y. In addition, computers increased 35%, mobile phones increased nearly 30% and gaming equipment increased by 40%.

The post-1985 generation has the highest y-o-y growth rate for book consumption basket size, with female consumption at 27% higher than the platform average. The post-1985 generation are buying the most in the fitness products category, while the post-1995 generation have the highest growth rate in the category. Haircare products was the only category where post-1985 consumption was higher than post-1995.

2020 Youth Consumption report infograph