May 7, 2020|

JD CENTRAL CMO: Authenticity Creates Trust with Consumers


by Martin Li

JD CENTRAL’s (JDC)perseverance in providing 100% authentic products has led to greater recognition for the company amongst consumers in Thailand.

“If you ask people in Thailand what JD CENTRAL stands for, I believe most people who knows us would say ‘100 percent authentic’. Product quality, fast delivery… these are key words we’ve heard from consumer feedback,” said K. Rvisra Chirathivat, CMO of JDC.

K. Rvisra Chirathivat, CMO of JDC.

K. Rvisra Chirathivat, CMO of JDC.

JDC is the e-commerce joint venture between China’s largest retailer,, and Thailand’s retail conglomerate, Central Group.

“We are the first in the market claiming to provide a 100 percent authentic online shopping platform,” said Chirathivat. “A lot of competitors are trying to copy us, but I believe that because we are the first to own it, people will remember and equate us with it.”

In Thailand’s highly competitive e-commerce market, burning cash in marketing and increased traffic is common, which may result in short-term market share. However, it’s better to build a foundation forged in trust by adhering to authentic products reliably  delivered. Though requiring a long-term approach, Chirathivat said it will create trust between consumers over time.

“Our mission is to become the most trusted customer-centric shopping experience where customers can access the best product selection available and sellers are empowered by our technology and services,” she said.

She added that JDC inherited the value of putting customers first from its parent companies.

“When we say customers, what we mean includes buyers, sellers and partners,” she clarified.

She also said that the trusted reputation of JDC’s parent companies provided the younger company with an “umbrella of trust”. This is especially with brands since its founding less than two years ago.

“ is big, and Central is big here in Thailand. This already provided us with trust from our brand partners,” she shared. “We didn’t even have traffic on day one, but we already had brands on board.”

She continues to share that in Thailand, the main pain point for online shoppers is that they are afraid they will be unable to receive what they order online.

“There is still a trust issue in the e-commerce landscape in Thailand,” she affirms.  “However, more and more people will become familiar with online shopping due to COVID-19.”

Chirathivat said e-commerce platforms can play an active role in connecting everything that is needed.

“There is no limit to what we can do and how we can help. Besides ensuring supply and delivery of daily necessities, JDC is also actively involved in other virus-fighting efforts, like providing donation channels for doctors in Thailand,” she said.

JDC has been inviting customers to donate via its #JDCENTRALJoyJarkJai (Joy from the Heart) campaign to support hospital staff in the region.

Additionally, JDC has joined the Thai Fruit Golden Months initiative to support Thai farmers who have been struggling with exporting their agricultural products during the COVID-19 lockdown.