May 12, 2020|

JD Resumes Doorstep Delivery for Over 80% of Residential Compounds


by Ling Cao

With people returning gradually to normal life after the epidemic subsides in China, residential compounds are increasingly allowing doorstep deliveries as before. As of May 11th, over 80% of compounds can allow JD couriers to enter and provide delivery services.

JD has long provided doorstep delivery service to customers’ homes, which is an essential part of how the company puts customers first, one of the core values of JD couriers also proactively apply for access to different compounds to continue providing the same service.

“Delivering parcels by hand to customers’ doorsteps is part of what makes us unique,” said a JD spokesperson. “With the situation improving, we will try to recover our existing services while simultaneously checking with customers if they prefer to send parcels to lockers or other locations at their convenience. Some of the compounds even provide us with exclusive delivery access.”

Recently, JD launched an integrated service center for high-end business buildings, which can provide customers with different pick up and parcel delivery services. Services include pick up and parcel delivery, food takeaway and delivery, laundry, and others.