May 12, 2020|

JD Business Tops China’s Digitized Procurement Service Providers


by Yuchuan Wang

ifenxi, China’s leading analytics agency, released its latest ranking of China’s top digitized procurement service providers last week. JD Business,’s enterprise procurement business, ranks first followed by Alibaba’s 1688 and Going Link (甄云科技).

Based on thorough research and interviews, ifenxi evaluated the companies across six aspects: comprehensive strength, track record, products and services, sales and pricing, customer success and product strategy.

Leveraging’s e-commerce platform, supply chain and logistics and technology capabilities, JD Business provides a one-stop solution for enterprise procurement. It now serves 428 of Fortune 500 enterprises in China and has increased average procurement efficiency by 45%. About 490 of Fortune 500 companies have operations in China.

During the epidemic, JD Business has supplied over 14 million anti-epidemic supplies to more than 10 Fortune 500 multinational companies, including Michelin and BOSCH.