Apr 16, 2021|

JD Rolls Out Park Operation System for Jiangsu


by Ling Cao

JD has helped Nanjing, Jiangsu province create a park operation system, which will be used for the province’s 11th horticultural exposition, opening from Apr. 16 and allowing trial operation the next day.

The system, which uses advanced technologies such as AI, IoT and digital twin, will help manage and operate the whole park in a more intelligent, efficient way, and increase convenience for public services, as well as ensuring that visitors can enjoy worry-free services.

For example, a screen with a heat map will guide visitors on which parts of the park are overly crowded and the expected duration of that traffic, and will also alert the park managers when the traffic flow hit its peak on one spot. Another example is the system can automatically alert park workers nearby when a trash can is overflowing, and direct them to the can for cleaning according to an app’s map navigation.

The real-time heat map at the gate

Additionally, to achieve an omni-channel experience and support more flexibility, JD has included a series of contactless offline facilities in the park, such as an autonomous delivery vehicle, restaurant and store, as well as providing autonomous park entrance and payment solutions.

A park worker is directed to an overflowing trash can via an AI-powered app

“JD is honored to participate in the program,” said Yu Zheng, vice president of JD.com. “The system can combine a city’s governance with service, which not only can be used in a whole city, but also can be applied for a park, ensuring the park’s safety and stability, as well as visitors’ experience. It will help promote a city’s sustainable development.”

This is not the first program that has utilized the intelligent city operation system under JD Technology. Last September, JD helped Nantong, Jiangsu province build China’s first urban governance modernization command center.

The theme of this year’s Jiangsu exposition is “ecosystem and intelligence,” and is the 11th   edition since its first edition held in 2000. The new edition aims at creating a park with integrated aspects for visitors including an exhibition, entertainment experience, vacation and care center.