Mar 3, 2020|

JD Sales Data Shows Strong Trend of Returning to Work


by Yuchuan Wang

A report by JD Big Data, a market research body of, reveals that e-commerce has played a prominent role in the return to work for employees and companies in China. Beginning Feb. 3, “return to work” became a highly popular search keyword on JD, as people looked for protective gear, must-buy products, sets of equipment for returning to work and more. At the same time, third-party stores on JD’s marketplace started to resume operation, and enterprise procurement orders also increased significantly.


Consumer end

Sales of fresh food storage containers increased by 352% while sales of electric lunch containers increased by 347% month-on-month during February 3 to February 25.

Disinfection and sterilization products also saw large increases. Sales of hand sanitizer and disinfectant increased by 112% and 254% month-on-month respectively. Compared with the same period last year, sales of hand sanitizer increased 2.3 times, while the sales of disinfectant increased more than 8 times. Sales of antibacterial wipes and small spray cans have increased nearly 4 times and 14.5 times year-on-year respectively.

At the same time, as people seek transportation methods that require minimal human-to-human contact, sales of electric bikes increased 638% year-on-year and the sales of hover board scooters for adults increased 147% in the same period

To help people going back to work meet their lunchtime needs, JD’s offline supermarkets, 7FRESH, 7FRESH Life and SEVEN FUN also launched lunch delivery service for enterprises in February. Since the launch, the number of orders has increased nearly 9 times on a weekly basis.

Card with temperatures and other health information for preparation and delivery staff on a SEVEN FUN lunch service delivery box


Industrial end

As compared with the Spring Festival period, orders over the week of February 13 to February 19 from JD Logistics open logistics business have increased 126%, among which supply chain services have nearly doubled, express delivery, large-size package delivery, and cold chain services have nearly tripled and cargo express is up nine times.

The number of active online stores on increased 32% month-on-month with the orders from third-party marketplace stores up 109%.

Within enterprise procurement, orders for MRO  (maintenance, repair and operation) products increased by 140% on a monthly basis. Orders for computers and office furniture also increased by 69.5% and 57.1% respectively. Sales of disinfectants also increased significantly at a rate of 400% year-on-year, as employers seek to protect their employees when they return to work.

Data shows work resumption is highest in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong.  Enterprise procurement orders from Shanghai and Guangdong have increased 27.7% and 26.6% month-on-month respectively.