Sep 22, 2020|

JD Seeks Anti-COVID Souvenirs for an Online Charity Auction


by Vivian Yang

Back in February, a Wuhan resident’s “floating red curtains” went viral on social media after he forgot to close his windows before leaving the city ahead of the lockdown. The striking sight of the curtains billowing from the open windows prompted netizens to wonder about the owner’s health, with the videos shared over and over again on social media. Now, those curtains have been donated to Hubei Museum as an iconic symbol of the pandemic.

Inspired by the curtains, JD announced on September 17th that it will launch a charity auction online soliciting pandemic-related items from the public, as symbols of solidarity amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Titled “the most precious auction of 2020”, the charity auction has already received several invaluable objects , including the original sketch of the cartoonist Xiaotao Chen’s famous cartoon “Cheer Up, Hot & Dry Noodles”(hot & dry noodle is the most popular fast food in Wuhan); the illustrated album “Wuhan Diary 2020” by illustrator Jing Li during her COVID-19 treatment at a makeshift hospital in Wuhan; and a 1.2-meter-tall JD courier sculpture titled “Hands and Hopes” (“手”望) created by an artist from Sichuan province who was deeply moved by their heroic acts, just to name a few.

“Cheer Up, Hot & Dry Noodles!” by cartoonist Xiaotao Chen

One page in Wuhan Diary 2020 by illustrator Jing Li (second from right, waving goodbye to medical workers)

A sculpture titled “Hands and Hopes” created by an artist from Sichuan province to pay his respect to JD couriers

JD Auction will host the campaign through the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Oct. 1st this year. All funds raised from the auction will be donated to a foundation for the prevention and protection of young girls from sexual assault.