Sep 22, 2020|

JDD Helps Nantong Build China’s First Governance Command Center


by Ling Cao

Based on JD Digits’ intelligent city operating system, Nantong city in Jiangsu province has built China’s first modern governance command center. Officials from Nantong showed this achievement to a media delegation on September 22nd.

This command center can realize digital city management, enabling precise transportation forecast, intelligent monitoring for hazardous chemicals, environmental conditions monitoring and more, in addition to providing visual reports to manage the city.

This center integrates information from different departments across each county in Nantong, helping resolve challenges of cross department governance projects. All of the information can be viewed via big screen as well as conveniently via PC, mobile app and more. If the system detects an abnormal behavior or emergency situations, the center will automatically notify the local department with instructions to manage it.

Xueyi Li, head of the command center said, “Nantong’s digital management, service and decision-making has taken a new step forward through the cooperation, which leverages our innovation in mechanism and JDD’s industry-leading ‘big data + AI’ technologies.”

Dr. Yu Zheng, vice president of JD Digits said, “Based on our city operating system’s ‘One Core, Two Wings’ concept, we hope Nantong will accelerate the upgrade of its intelligence, industrial digitization and provision of convenient life services.” Nantong’s command center is an application example of the “Core” in the “One Core, Two Wings” concept. Zheng added, “The two wings are serving production and consumption.” He explained that through linkage at the base, they further realize the connection and integration of production and marketing. All of these applications will be integrated into the intelligent operating system, enabling a virtuous circle among government-level management, industrial development and improvement of livelihoods.

JDD’s “One Core and Two Wings” Concept

JDD’s “One Core and Two Wings” Concept

Public emergencies such as floods are a great example of this phenomenon at work. By setting up video at specific points along rivers and sluice gates in the city, the local government can have a holistic view of the situation in real time, instead of having to go to each location, one at a time. This can improve efficiency in terms of response time and personnel deployment.

Another example is the intelligent supervision system for hazardous chemicals. There are over 2,000 hazardous chemicals-related enterprises in Nantong. Challenges such as asymmetric information, unintegrated systems and imperfect mechanisms make comprehensive monitoring difficult. The command center integrates the relevant information from local departments and chemical manufacturers to provide optimal monitoring abilities.

Since launching the system two months ago, it has already dispatched 407 abnormal situation warnings. For example, by monitoring the transportation routes of trucks carrying hazardous chemicals, the system can closely monitor abnormal behavior like sudden prolonged stops or detours, and by analyzing the surrounding environment, can determine the root cause, such as irregular transportation or illegal production. This helps triage issues to the right local department and to provide the right guidelines on handling the issue.

“This command center project represents real application for JDD’s AI and big data-based city governance system. It is not aimed at solving problems for a single department, but rather an innovative application to solve cross department challenges,” Dr. Zheng said.