Apr 20, 2020|

JD Serves Customers in 105 Countries and Regions


by Martin Li

JD.com has been supplying medical supplies and daily necessities to overseas customers in 105 countries and regions since January this year.

Joybuy.com is the outbound e-commerce platform of JD.com. It covers more than 200 countries and regions and houses several thousand merchandisers.

Among the countries and regions are Japan, South Korea, the United States and Southeast Asia.

The number of global coronavirus cases has exceeded 2.3 million so far, leading to supply shortages for medical supplies like masks, hand soap, medical alcohol and disinfectant.

JD has allocated RMB 1.5 billion yuan ensuring supply of preventive and medical products, as well as transportation and delivery services at home and abroad.

A Chinese man who studies in South Korea bought masks for less than two yuan each on joybuy.com and received his parcel within just one week.

Starting March 9th, the Korean government only allows each resident to buy two masks, for RMB 5 yuan each, per week on the condition that the buyer has local insurance.

Joybuy.com has become a shared “special channel” for Chinese students in South Korea to buy masks, the man told customer service staff of Joybuy.com online.

JD has been cooperating with cross-border e-commerce players to transport masks and daily necessities overseas to meet heavy demand.

The COVID-19 outbreak has reduced the number international cargo flights by 90 percent. However, JD has managed to ensure cross-border transportation by rail, sea and transfer flight.

In addition, cross-border merchandisers on joybuy.com are receiving discounts on global delivery. Customers in selected countries enjoy free delivery for certain products.