Apr 20, 2020|

COVID-19 Testing Service Can be Booked Online on JD Health


by Tracy Yang and Rachel Liu

JD Health is partnering with Beijing KingMed Diagnostics Laboratory to book COVID-19 nucleic acid testing services online, becoming the first platform in China for consumers to book  this service Online. Users can search for the booking service through JD’s app place the purchase and make an appointment with the testing service provider.

In order to improve epidemic prevention and control work, the city of Beijing has issued a series of policies for people returning to work from outside the city. There are five categories of returnees who need to demonstrate negative results on a nucleic acid test before entering the city. They are: confirmed and suspect cases, people who have had close contact with confirmed cases, people returning to Beijing from Wuhan, and from abroad. Returnees who were on business in other provinces who stayed in hotels are also required to show a negative test result before reentry to Beijing. The tests are seen a prerequisite for people returning to Beijing.

Appointed by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Beijing KingMed Diagnostics Laboratory is an official designated institution providing nucleic acid testing of COVID-19 for groups and individuals. At present, there are two test sampling sites in Beijing. They are located at Grand Skylight Catic Hotel Beijing in Chaoyang District and Beijing Tylfull Hotel in Haidian District. All personnel entering Beijing can purchase testing services in advance, make an appointment for testing and conduct sampling through JD’s app. After the sampling is completed, the test results report can be obtained within 24 hours.


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