Jan 29, 2021|

JD Spares No Effort to Ensure Security of Cold Chain Network


by Kelly Dawson and Yuchuan Wang

As COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out worldwide, the spotlight has turned to cold chain, which is the temperature-controlled supply chain required to safely transport the vaccine. On Jan. 27th, China’s Ministry of Transport announced that JD Logistics will be among the first batch of companies transporting the vaccine across China.

JD Logistics has developed an award-winning advanced cold chain supply network to support the cold transport of other products too, including perishable frozen foods, medicines and more.

In addition to strict temperature controls to ensure safe delivery, the pandemic has also necessitated additional disinfection to prevent against any possible spread of the virus—a requirement JD has spared no effort to implement, with meticulous detail at every step of a product package’s journey from supplier to customers’ doorsteps.



“We are making every effort to ensure that the products strictly implement the cold chain warehousing policy of JD and the government, to ensure the safety of consumers,” said a spokesperson from JD’s online fresh food business JD Fresh, which has worked closely with JD Logistics to develop the protocols.

First, all of JD’s cold chain employees undergo weekly nucleic acid testing—and now vaccination. This includes warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and couriers.

In JD’s warehouses, a team of disinfection staff don hazmat suits to spray disinfectant in every warehousing area multiple times a day to ensure that the environment is absolutely secure. Trucks and other JD vehicles also undergo the same disinfection process.

JD has also enacted multiple steps to ensure that the packages themselves do not introduce harmful elements.

Having secured the environment for packages, JD has also enacted multiple steps to ensure that the packages themselves do not introduce harmful elements. Take imported cherries for example: In order for JD warehouses to accept the products, merchants must provide four documents: negative results of nucleic acid test, customs declaration forms and certification of both entry inspection and disinfection.

Nucleic acid test result

Nucleic acid test result

Then, before packages are brought into JD’s warehouse, a JD staff thoroughly disinfects the external surfaces of the packages. As the packages are brought into the warehouse and later carried to trucks for delivery, they will again undergo multiple disinfection steps.

JD Fresh has also increased the inventory of essential products including vegetables, milk and eggs and frozen foods by 300% to ensure supply during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

Since 2014, JD Logistics has built out an extensive cold chain logistics network, now operating 50 cold chain warehouses and over 34,000 truck routes covering cold chain fulfillment in 300 cities.


(kellydawson@jd.com, yuchuan.wang@jd.com)