Oct 21, 2020|

JD Super Accounts for Over 50% of Online Market Share in Multiple FMCG Categories


by Rachel Liu

Leading data analysis firm Nielsen released the FMCG Industry Trend Report of January to August 2020 today,October 20st. Data shows that JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, accounts for over 50% of online market share in multiple categories such as infant formula & diapers, cooking oil, packaged rice, bottled water, wine, sports beverages, vodka, beer, brandy and whisky.

Chinese parents have increasingly high demand for maternal and baby products. JD Super’s vast product choices, commitment to authenticity and comprehensive after-sales service making it the first choice for many Chinese parents to shop with peace of mind. Products that customers traditionally buy online, such as cooking oil, rice and flour, also saw a transfer to online with the impact of COVID-19, and JD Super has become the main shopping platform since the outbreak due to JD’s ability to continuously ensure supply.

JD Super also works closely with many leading brands in the industry. For example, it signed a partnership with popular oil brand Fulinmen (福临门) in September to help the brand sell RMB 15 billion yuan of products in the next three years.

More Chinese consumers choose JD to order heavy products such as beverages and water thanks to the competitive prices and JD’s delivery service directly to their doorsteps. High-end and imported liquors are also getting more popular among young and affluent customers. With JD’s Omnichannel Fulfillment program, customers in some cities in China are now able to receive wine and other beverages in two hours on average, and sometimes in as fast as 30 minutes.