Mar 5, 2021|

JD Super Aims to Build Full Supply Chain for Agricultural Products


by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, announced today that it will build a full supply chain for agricultural products covering planting, transportation and sales, integrating upstream and downstream agricultural industry players through a products circulation middle platform.

JD Super will achieve this goal through a “1+1+N” model. “1+1” means that JD Super will work with leading companies in the industry such as Dili Group (地利集团), and “+ N” means that it will build a sample that excels in efficiency and cost management, and duplicate it to more agricultural areas. Besides, JD will also build digital and operation platforms to provide the areas with one-stop solutions for agricultural industrialization. In 2021, JD is expected to launch the solutions in over 30 key industrial belts nationwide.

In November 2020, JD announced that the new infrastructure for the next 10 years will be digital intelligent supply chain, referring to the use of digital and smart technology to optimize the production, transportation and service processes. To help rural areas achieve modernization is a key project for JD’s building of digital and intelligent supply chain.

JD has long been supporting the development of rural areas. As of October 2020, JD has sold over 300 million agricultural products to customers all over China, which increased the incomes of one million farmers. JD Fresh now has over 1,000 “Local Specialties Pavilions” supported by local governments, and over 600,000 agricultural products are being sold in those pavilions. JD has successfully explored innovative projects like “running chicken”, “swimming duck”, “flying pigeon” and “running mountain pig” with rural areas and industry belts.