Mar 5, 2021|

Enjoy a Cup of Zhejiang’s New Tea before Qingming, Thanks to JD


by Kelly Dawson

After the spring rain, tea farmers across China rush to harvest and prepare the leaves for a nationwide population of tea enthusiasts that drink nearly 40 percent of the world’s tea.  For Zhejiang province, which is the largest producer of green tea in the world, it’s a particularly hectic time, with some farmers sleeping only three hours a night until the leaves are harvested. In Zhejiang, tea harvested before  Qingming Festival (April 4 this year) is identified as high quality product.

In order to support these farmers, JD is participating in this year’s “Zhejiang has great tea” campaign, boosting efforts in marketing, logistics and more. The company recently sent mobile care vehicles to villages across Zhejiang with drinking water, bread and other energy-boosting snacks, along with a series of “love tea posts,” providing drinking water to farmers, couriers and other workers.

Additionally, JD has upped its logistics collection points from 7 to 38 while reducing delivery costs, enormously easing operations for local farmers.

“In the past, it used to be really difficult for us to send tea,” said one tea farmer in Meijiawu village. “We had to wait for a courier to come to the door, and that sometimes took several hours. Now that there are JD Express collection points, we can drop the tea off when it’s convenient for us, along with packaging, discounts and faster delivery to customers.”

Customers will also feel the impact of JD’s support, as delivery time for the tea will be shortened to under 24 hours for customers who purchase Zhejiang tea in the “Zhejiang has great tea” section of the JD app. Available tea brands include Zhenghao, Yifutang, Shifeng and other famous Zhejiang names.

This shortened delivery time is thanks to JD’s advanced logistics network, which enables teas from the region to be delivered directly from the origin—and also ensures that customers will be able to enjoy an ultra-fresh product.

As China undergoes a process of rural revitalization, JD’s ongoing efforts have already reaped massive benefits, with the turnover of agricultural products on JD exceeding RMB 580 billion yuan in five years.