Mar 23, 2024|

JD Super Collaborates with Leading Industry Associations and Brands to Establish Healthy Food Industry Alliance


On March 19th, ahead of China’s National Sugar and Wine Trade Fair, JD Super, the online supermarket division of, joined hands with leading industry organizations including the China Light Industry Federation, China Association of Baked Food and Confectionery Industry, China Food Industry Association, Dairy Association of China, along with over a hundred renowned brands in the snack and beverage sector, to launch the Healthy Food Industry Alliance. This initiative aims to introduce more health-conscious food and beverage products into the market, encourage the industry’s high-quality growth, and safeguard consumer well-being.

The alliance underscores JD Super’s pivotal role in the healthy food sector. As a driving force behind the initiative, JD Super has committed to investing RMB 1 billion in resources to bolster the growth of twelve key categories of trending healthy food and beverage products. This investment will focus on product innovation, traffic support, conducting marketing activities, and providing consumer guidance.

JD Super was recently featured in’s “ 2024 White Paper on Trending Healthy Food and Beverage”, which delved into twelve trending consumer trends shaping today’s food market. These trends encompass medicinal and food homology, dietary fiber, high nutrient density, precise nutrition, diverse plant-based options, natural ingredients, low sugar or zero sugar alternatives, low GI options, hypoallergenic care, authentic ingredients, clean labeling, and children’s health. These insights not only reflect consumer preferences for healthier diets but also chart a course for the industry to adapt.

Over the past year, JD Super has seen a significant rise in the availability of healthy food SKUs, exceeding 10,000, with a 60 percent increase in transaction volume year-on-year. Through its partnerships with brands, JD Super has been instrumental in establishing health food recommendation standards, creating exclusive health food labels, and providing targeted support for new health-oriented products.

The formation of the Healthy Food Industry Alliance represents a significant step in JD Super’s mission to foster an ecosystem that brings together demand insights, product innovation, and consumer education. With the support of the Alliance, JD Super aims to develop custom support strategies for various product categories to address changing consumer needs and discover new opportunities for brands.

In line with consumer preferences, the alliance will focus on six key categories within the beverage and instant drink segment, including those that are low in sugar, GI, and fat, as well as those that are high in protein, calcium, and organic. For snack foods, priorities include high nutrient density, low sugar, low GI, zero trans fatty acids, connections between medicine and food, green and additive-free alternatives, and low-fat, low-calorie options.

Notably,’s white paper revealed that over eighty percent of consumers pay close attention to ingredient lists when evaluating the healthiness of products. In response, JD Super is dedicated to improving the transparency of product information, starting with detailed displays of ingredients, nutritional facts, quality standards, and certifications, enabling consumers to make well-informed decisions easily.