Nov 2, 2020|

JD Super Extends Efforts in Animal Protection


by Rachel Liu

JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, recently joined hands with pet products brand RAMICAL to donate one month’s worth of pet food to an animal rescue organization in Guangzhou to improve the living standard of the more than 80 dogs and cats that live there.

Every month, the organization requires over RMB 15,000 yuan on pet food to feed the animals, with the money for pet food usually collected from the 900 volunteers who spend their free time taking care of the animals.

The founder of the rescue organization, Uncle Qiang, as called by the volunteers, expressed gratitude for the donation:“Pet food is what we need the most here. This gift can feed our animals for one month. I usually buy pet food from JD too, because the prices are very competitive and the delivery is fast.”

Additionally, JD Super and JD Logistics also worked with animal protection organizations Animals Asia, AITA Foundation as well as leading pet brands Royal Canin, Mars, Myfoodie, Pro Plan and more to encourage customers to reuse the delivery packages as animal shelters. JD hopes that through this project, more customers can see the importance of protecting animals and learn to recycle used packages.

Customers who buy pet products on JD this Singles Day will have the chance to receive the specially designed delivery packages and change them into animal shelters. JD will put over 100,000 of these packages into use during the grand promotion. Customers can choose to put the animal shelters in their communities or on the streets to provide shelters for homeless animals.

During the pandemic, JD Super donated 5 tons of animal products to Wuhan and saved over 1,000 animals in the city.