Nov 2, 2020|

JD Health and Eisai China set up a joint venture to Assist Seniors


by Hui Zhang

JD Health and Eisai China announced the establishment of a joint venture Jingyi Weixiang which is committed to creating a one-stop service platform for the elderly on October 27th. The government of the Jing’an District of Shanghai, where the joint venture is located, also reached an agreement with both JD Health and Eisai China to facilitate this business.

The joint venture will focus on the management of Alzheimer’s disease and start from neural field  to gradually expand its area to meet the medical, nursing and pension needs of the elderly and their families. The company will start to serve seniors in the Jing’an District and then the whole country.

JD Health and Eisai China have been carrying out online cooperation as early as March 2019. In June this year, JD Health and Eisai China reached an agreement in Beijing to cooperate in the simplification of medical treatment process, online and offline disease education, healthcare for seniors, public welfare projects, etc., committing to provide patients with more intimate and convenient medical and health services and more efficient and professional solutions.

“Eisai has mature operations and service experience in providing for the elderly, and the model can be used for reference in the Chinese market, especially in the case of Alzheimer’s disease. Eisai has more than 35 years of experience in drug research and development, and there will be more breakthrough products on the market in this field in the future, benefiting more patients and their families,” said Yanhui Feng, senior vice president of Eisai Global and president of Eisai China.

“The establishment of Jingyi Weixiang is the achievement of further deepening cooperation among Shanghai Jing’an District, Eisai China and JD Health. We will combine Eisai’s accumulated international experience, expertise and innovative medical solutions in a variety of diseases with JD’s superior business and core competencies such as pharmaceutical supply chain and internet health care to provide the elderly with a full range of higher-quality online medical and health services,” said Lijun Xin, CEO of JD Health.

At present, China is faced with a rapidly increasing of aging population. Aging leads to the increase of social burden, especially in terms of demand for health care and life services. However, the existing pension service in China is far from being able to meet the increasing needs of the elderly. JD and Eisai are taking a step to address this with their partnership.