Jul 5, 2022|

JD Super Releases “JD618 Fresh Food Consumption Trends Report”


by Mengyang He

JD.com’s online supermarket business JD Super released the “JD618 Fresh Food Consumption Trends Report” on July 1, providing insights into trending products, consumption patterns, demographics, etc.

With the consumption upgrading, consumers have expressed a rising demand for high-quality fresh food. For example, imported steak, fresh milk, pure meat sausages, and premium dumplings were on the list. According to the report, the transaction volume of imported steak grew by 5.6 times YOY and pure meat sausages by 285 percent YOY.

In addition, meat, poultry, and seafood also recorded a sales bonanza. For example, the transaction volume of black tiger shrimp grew by 5 times.

Another consumption trend suggests that consumers are now more habituated to purchasing fruits, vegetables, and eggs online. According to the report, the transaction volume of fruits increased by 60 percent YOY, eggs by 33 percent YOY, mangosteen by 100 percent YOY, Zespri kiwi from New Zealand by 106 percent YOY, and durians from Thailand by 150 percent YOY.

During the summer time, certain products are a great fit, such as crayfish and ice cream. Their transaction volumes increased by 70 percent YOY and 85 percent YOY, respectively.

The report also reveals that most consumers who purchased fresh food were aged between 31 to 40, accounting for 43 percent, and female consumers made up 60 percent.