Jul 6, 2022|

JD Deploys 100+ 5G-powered AGVs at Changsha Asia No.1


by Yuchuan Wang

Over 100 5G-powered AGVs (automated ground vehicles) have been deployed at JD Logistics’ Changsha Asia No.1 logistics park last month, while 5G technology further enhances the automated warehouse’s operation efficiency, and the AGV zone of the warehouse is now able to deal with more than 110,000 items a day.

“JD’s self-developed Dilang (ground wolf) AGVs have helped increase the moving efficiency of the park by 200 percent,” said a spokesperson from Changsha Asia No.1. “5G solves operation problems related to network delays, and better secures the order processing ability during peak periods of sales.” Data shows that compared with WIFI connection, 5G ensures “zero packet loss” for AGV communications and helps lower the average connection timeout occasions by 70 percent.

JD Logistics’ self-developed management system connects the 5G communication module with 5G logistics integration terminals, 5G private network and 5G application system. Relying on the open interface of 5G network ecosystem, the management system can be connected with external partners’ data, enable fully visual remote management, rapid notification of abnormal activity, and agile operation and maintenance, as well as continuous optimization and improvement of efficiency. The system can be replicated across JD’s logistics parks in China.

JD Logistics has also applied 5G in intelligent moving, storing, track and tracing, visual management and more in the process of handling inventory. In addition, by combining technologies including AI, big data and AR/VR, JD Logistics has developed systems for logistics park intelligent control, digital production, unmanned security and more to integrate 5G deeply into logistics application scenarios.

JD Logistics started to invest in 5G logistics in 2019, and has built China’s first 5G logistics park in Beijing.