Jul 21, 2020|

JD Supports Digital Transformation of Liquor Industry


by Rachel Liu

On July 16th, Lester Liu, General Manager of JD FMCG was elected as one of the vice presidents of the China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA). This is the first time for CADA to have a vice president from the e-commerce industry.

In 2019, CADA has signed a strategic partnership with JD Super, JD’s online supermarket. CADA has held two Wine Tasting and Evaluation Conference events with JD, and worked with JD on big data, technology, promotion of wine regions and more, to support the liquor brands and the healthy development of the liquor industry in China.

With the development of the digital economy, more consumers are gravitating online in a wide range of categories, including liquor. From June 1st -20th, during JD’s 618 Grand Promotion, the company sold over five million bottles of baijiu and 35,000 tons of beer. In only 30 minutes on June 18th, sales of JD Liquor increased 200% YOY. For liquor brands, digital transformation and innovation has become a key trend, and JD’s participation will greatly help brands in this area.

During COVID-19, JD partnered with popular Chinese baijiu brand Wuliangye on a digital supply chain initiative. The program uses JD’s nationwide logistics network to provide last mile delivery service to customers and supply chain solutions to brands’ offline stores, including the stores in lower-tier markets and remote areas, building a smart, efficient and digital supply chain for Wuliangye. Addition to supply chain digitalization, JD can also assist brands with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through digitalization, increasing customer loyalty.