Aug 3, 2023|

JD Technology’s Pioneering ESG Work: Championing Social Equity Through Innovation


JD Technology, a subsidiary of, released its 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report on July 27, showcasing a myriad of achievements that are shaping the future of digital technology in sustainable ways.

The report highlights JD Technology’s work in digitizing municipal services across over 100 cities, providing digital solutions to 914 financial institutions, and empowering 430,000 SMEs with loans amounting to RMB 51.1 billion.


Biological Assets Digital Platform

Promoting social equity through digital technologies is at the heart of our ESG efforts. One example of this is JD Technology’s Biological Assets Digital Platform, introduced earlier this year.

Leveraging technologies such as IoT, AI, and blockchain, the Biological Assets Digital Platform constructs a digital twin of real agricultural assets. This unique approach allows all stakeholders, from financial institutions to farm owners, to monitor the assets in real time. The platform has already enabled businesses and farmers to obtain RMB 7.3 billion in loans.


Case Study: Xinzhongsheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group

Xinzhongsheng Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group owns two sheep breeding bases with 100,000 sheep and a breeding farm with 10,000 breeding sheep.

Xinzhongsheng had ambitious plans to expand, but they faced financing challenges that are common in the highly-volatile livestock and aquaculture farming industries. Xinzhongsheng needed a creative solution, and they found it in JD Technology’s Biological Assets Digital Platform.

JD Technology deployed smart cameras in Xinzhongsheng’s breeding bases, which support real-time supervision and conducted automatic inventory reviews of sheep with the help of AI algorithms and big data capabilities.

By leverage the platform, financial institutions including Chang’an Bank and Shaanxi Yuzheng Financing Guarantee Company were able to access accurate inventory results and obtain data that enabled them to reduce post-loan management risk. This approach enabled Xinzhongsheng to successfully secure a loan of RMB 10 million.


Empowering Rural Credit Officers with a New WeChat Mini Program

In May, JD Technology took another innovative step by launching a version of its digital platform as a WeChat mini program, tailored for individual rural credit officers and farmers, providing services free of charge.

This mini program has revolutionized the traditional loan-access process in agriculture, using AI technology to automate the verification of biological assets like cows, sheep, and pigs through uploading photos. It not only makes the process more convenient and intelligent but also reduces post-loan management costs.

Looking ahead, JD Technology is committed to continuously innovating and expanding our services, with future upgrades planned for the mini program to further connect with financial service platforms.

By harnessing cutting-edge technology to drive social change and environmental responsibility, JD Technology is not just imagining a better future – we are actively creating it.