Mar 15, 2020|

JD to Ship Luggage for Free for Medical Volunteers in Hubei


by Ling Cao

JD Logistics announced on March 13th that it will provide free luggage shipping service for doctors and nurses who have come from other places to volunteer on the frontlines in Hubei province during COVID-19, making their return home more convenient. The first batch of packages are already on its way.

Items shipped mainly include winter clothes and other non-essential items. JD couriers from four local delivery stations in Hubei province started making trips to the medical teams’ residences on March 14th to help them pack and ship the items.

JD couriers starts making trips to the medical teams’ residences

A member of the medical staff expressed her gratitude for the program. “As the weather is getting warm, we can send these things home now in order to make it easier for us later on. Thanks JD Logistics for their kind support.”

JD courier disinfects parcels prior to shipment