Mar 13, 2020|

Leading US Brand Marketing Media Shares how JD is Changing the Game in Retail


by Brad Burgess

JD was featured in two stories published recently by Adweek, a top global brand marketing industry media based out of New York City that covers a range of different industry topics.

Under Retail, JD was highlighted for how the company is supporting the control of COVID-19 and changing the game for the retail industry happening in China. The article is entitled 5 Ways Coronavirus is Changing Retail in Chinaand introduced numerous trends in the retail industry that are happening as a result of the epidemic and how Chinese consumer habits are changing.

JD was featured in two stories published recently by Adweek,

The five ways highlighted are Online Grocery, Produce, Livestreams, Drone and Robot Delivery, and Prices.

Chinese consumers have turned to e-commerce to meet their daily needs. At the same time, JD has been engaging in a range of initiatives to help farmers across China to sell their produce at tough times. And, to provide safe and fresh produce to urbanites on a daily basis. Livestreams have been a great way for local merchants and municipal districts to sell their specialties, amongst others.

JD has employed drones and robots to provide “contact-free” delivery solutions, and even in new scenarios such as disinfecting hard to reach areas. Lastly, JD’s commitment to not increase prices and be vigilant in protecting consumer interests was highlighted.

JD was also included in a second story by Adweek When China Under Quarantine, People Turn to Livestreams and Shopping

The article notes that JD’s platform has seen a significant jump in sales of pet products, kitchenware and hair clippers.

JD Pet has been ramping up its business prior to COVID-19, and has been responding to unique customer needs, including even dog diapers (who don’t go out as often either!). Also interesting is how many Chinese consumers are making healthy choices, learning how to bake at home and also preparing to bring their own food when returning to work to avoid cross-contamination.

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