Aug 14, 2020|

JD to Speed up Express Delivery and Coverage


by Ella Kidron

On August 13th, JD Logistics announced the comprehensive initiation of its express delivery (JD Express) service speed acceleration plan. The plan aims to speed up the efficiency of express delivery within and between China’s eastern coastal and central-eastern core city clusters, strengthen the capacity of JD’s integrated rail and air network, and comprehensively enhance the delivery experience for customers.

A representative from JD Logistics’ JD Express division said that the plan will be completed by the end of September, and it is expected that at that time, the number of cities where JD’s express delivery will be able to send parcels by air will increase by 200, and the number of possible air routes will exceed 45,000.

The plan is said to involve Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and cities in Guangdong province, realizing mutual 24-hour coverage of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, and other core economic city clusters.

Previously, in June around the 618 Grand Promotion, JD Logistics announced the upgrade of its lower-tier markets program to provide 24-hour delivery service in over a thousand cities and tens of thousands of townships in China. Under the plan, JD Logistics will either expand or newly construct 13 local warehouses and transfer centers. The new infrastructure will focus on second-to-fifth tier cities. In addition, JD will operate 12 Asia No.1 highly automated logistics parks, which traditionally have mainly focused on first and second tier cities, in lower tier cities.