Aug 14, 2020|

JD Sold Four Million Ice Cream Products in Seven Days


by Rachel Liu

Newly released data shows that from July 6th to 12th, JD sold four million ice cream products. Sales of ice cream increased over 16 times on July 10th, which was the Super Ice Cream Day on JD. Nearly 400 types of ice cream products from 30 brands were rolled out on JD during the promotion.

Traditionally, customers like to buy ice cream in convenience stores or community stores instead of online because they are worried that ice cream will melt during transportation. JD’s cold-chain logistics and fast delivery, however, allow customers to order ice cream online with peace of mind. JD has launched a series of services for ice cream lovers on JD, including melt insurance and scheduled purchase. Scheduled purchase allows customers to choose how often they want to receive products and how many they want each time. JD Logistics will deliver the products based on their personal needs.

Interesting Trends on Ice Cream Consumption:

  • On JD, crossover ice cream products receive great popularity, as they are usually unique and innovative. For example, Chinese ice cream brand Chicecream and Zongzi (rice cake that Chinese eat on Dragon Boat Festival) brand Wufangzhai jointly launched a “barley leaves” (leaves used to make Zongzi) flavor ice cream. Sales of the product increased 106% during the promotion comparing with the same period in June.

On JD, crossover ice cream products receive great popularity, as they are usually unique and innovative.

  • Customers like to buy mini size ice cream, such as mini Magnum and mini Cornetto. More and more families like to buy ice cream online, and mini size ice cream is suitable for children to eat.
  • Sales of ice cream by post-1995s and post 2000s customers increased 17 times y-o-y. They have become the fastest growing group among all customers.
  • Sales increase of ice cream in lower-tier cities is 15 times that of first-tier cities.
  • The peak for customers to order ice cream is midnight, as the coupons are usually release at 12:00 am on JD, and many customers treat online shopping as a way to release pressure before going to bed.