Nov 26, 2020|

JDD Series: JD Unveils Four New Enterprise-level Products


by Ling Cao and Ella Kidron

JD has launched four new enterprise-level products, which will be applied in retail, logistics, finance, education and management. The announcement was made at JD’s fourth annual tech summit JD Discovery (JDD), held on Nov. 25th in Beijing.

The products are: 1) a retail cloud ecosystem; 2) a digital supply chain platform; 3. a smart human-robot interaction platform; and 4) a modern city management system.

Jon Liao, chief strategy officer of said during JDD, “JD has accumulated experience in merchandise and logistics supply chain and built world-leading supply chain infrastructure, which will continue to optimize cost, efficiency and experience.”

Jon Liao, CSO of gives keynote during JDD

Jon Liao, CSO of gives keynote during JDD

One of the products is a retail cloud ecosystem, which combines capabilities in technology, business, data and user management, and opens them to partners, providing enterprises and institutions with integrated services. For example, JD’s retail cloud has helped one large automotive company to build marketing platform covering viewing and purchasing, as well as auto aftermarket services, helping the client go digital.

JD has built a nationwide logistics network based on technology. At the conference, the company released a digital supply chain platform, which provides solutions for enterprises covering comprehensive supply chain management, especially in the areas of supply chain design, planning and execution, covering industries, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive aftermarket, home appliances and more. Leveraging the platform, JD helped Amway reduce logistics cost by 10%, and shorten inventory turnover days from 75 to 45.

JD has also launched a smart human-robot interaction platform, including smart customer service, which serviced customers 320 million times during the latest Singles Day Grand Promotion, among which the intelligent marketing guide increased conversion rate for the Haier flagship store on JD by 42%.

In addition, JD Digits announced a modern city management platform. Based on JD Digits’ intelligent city operating system, the platform can help local governments improve efficiency. Based on the platform, JD Digits helped Nantong, Jiangsu province build China’s first modern command center.

During the conference, JD also announced the establishment of JD Explore Academy, which will explore digital and intelligent technologies in AI, quantum computing, data science, engineering and management, decentralized computing, scientific research ethics, as well as science and art. JD will also recruit global talent to join its teams in these fields.

D Explore Academy launch ceremony during JDD

JD Explore Academy launch ceremony during JDD

Bowen Zhou, Chair of the JD Technology Committee shared at the conference, “In 2030, all enterprises will be technology-based.” He added that technologies such as AI, big data, and cloud computing will bring the most certainty and opportunities.

D Explore Academy launch ceremony during JDD

Bowen Zhou, Chair of JD Technology Committee addresses audience during JDD