Nov 26, 2020|

JDD Series: Upgrading Both Software and Hardware for the “Internet + Health” Business


by Vivian Yang

JD Health launched a digital pharmacy management software platform (药京通, literally means Pharmacy by JD’s Track) that is tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical retailers. The announcement was made during JD’s global technology summit “JD Discovery” (JDD) on November 25th.

Many drug stores have faced problems of high cost and complicated operations of SaaS (software-as-a-service) systems that lack internet connection, and ability to track after-sales services and handle e-prescriptions. JD Health’s system is created to tackle these pain points through creating a digitalized and intelligent platform that connects both upstream pharmaceutical suppliers and downstream sales scenarios, aiming to improve operational efficiency and service quality for pharmacy owners.

The system is open for multiple scenario such as the smart supply chain module and warehouse store module, and supports customized development. So far its digital capacities are able to empower six areas of JD Health’s businesses, including its B2B pharmaceutical procurement platform, O2O fast medicine delivery services, drug stores with e-prescribing, big data analysis, mobile mini app for drug stores and smart health checkup hardware.

For offline stores, the system provides digital support for medicine procurement, sales management, membership management, pharmaceutical services, compliance management and smart store control management.

Take the medicine procurement management as example. Leveraging the system’s AI algorithm on information, capital and logistics resources optimization as well as its channel integration abilities for procurement planning and order placement drug stores can easily achieve zero-cost stocking, zero-inventory burden and intelligent procurement.

During the JD Discovery summit, JD Health and JD IoT jointly released a smart speaker product called “family doctor guardian star” (家医守护星) integrated with JD Health’s telemedicine service program “Family Doctor”. With this speaker, customers can use voice command to call their designated general practitioner under this program for video or telephone consultations and make face-to-face appointments. Moreover, the speaker can be connected with other health monitoring devices like sphygmomanometers, blood glucose meters, smart watches and more, to push medication reminders, track body monitoring data and send health analysis reports in real time, or on a weekly or monthly basis.