Apr 25, 2021|

JD Upgrades Anti-counterfeit System to Protect More Brands


by Ling Cao

JD has upgraded its anti-counterfeit system Hubaochui (护宝锤, literally means hammer to safeguard treasures) to protect more brands. Announced today ahead of World Intellectual Property (IP) Day on Apr. 26, Hubaochui’s upgrades will make it easy and efficient for more brands selling on JD to report merchants for IP-related issues, such as unauthorized operation or copyright violation.

Previously the system was by-invitation-only, while now every brand on JD can apply to join the system and manage IP issues directly. When any problems are found, merchants will need to provide related certificates to prove their rights to brand owners; otherwise JD will remove the products off its platform.

JD has also upgraded the technology by cooperating with third-party institutions, making identification of fake products more accurate. Additionally, by working with external IP business service platforms, JD provides merchants with free authorized material, helping them avoid related risks.

Bo Wang, head of rules and governance at JD’s platform business said, “The system upgrade aims to make it easier for brands and merchants to more actively and conveniently deal with IP issues, protecting their rights and better managing cost and effectiveness. JD will also continue to cooperate with more professional IP protection institutions, promoting better governance for the whole industry.”

Since launching in June 2019, the system has enrolled over 400 brands that have annual sales of RMB hundreds of millions yuan. The upgrading is part of JD’s overall efforts of zero-tolerance towards counterfeit goods, and to increase operation efficiency for more brands.