Aug 24, 2022|

JD Welcomes Unprecedented Number of Brands and Products


by Xinyi Guan

On August 22, the J Shop, which was upgraded from JD Fashion and Lifestyle business, led many fashion brands at home and abroad to open the 2022 new arrival of J Shop’s autumn selections, bringing consumers plenty of new seasonal products and goodies in all categories.

JD has seen double the growth in the entry of brands and new products since last year. In 2022 the J Shop has registered 20,000 new merchants, with the number of new products reaching an unprecedented number, which has contributed to the 2022 fall promotion featuring the most brands, the most complete categories and the richest new products, including many customized brands and categories.

During this promotion, JD Luxury included more than 300 official flagship stores of luxury brands with exciting new products and hot items, including LOEWE, GIVENCHY, MaxMara and TOD’S. In addition, the J Shop has also planned a series of activities, such as special cooperation with MCM to launch the “MCM Fashion Tasting Salon,” inviting JD’s VIP customers to experience brand introductions, coffee tasting, nail art and so on.

In addition, the J Shop has upgraded its quality certification standards, with some requirements being higher than industry standards. All products that meet the quality of the preferred standards will be marked with the “quality certification” label, so consumers can refer to the label for extra peace of mind. For example, under the background of upgrading the national standard for down jackets, the J Shop will upgrade and issue the “Down Clothing Quality Certification Standard” to standardize the internal quality and appearance quality of pile filling, fluffiness, anti-drill down and so on.

In the past year, with the help of JD’s supply chain basic capabilities and digital technology capabilities, the J Shop has continued to create stable growth for many merchants in an uncertain environment. With the opening of the fall promotion in 2022, the J Shop will bring even more brands and commodities, worry-free and efficient purchase services, and online and offline integration scenarios, bringing consumers a different fall clothing quality consumption experience while expanding a new incremental space for clothing brand merchants.