Mar 22, 2021|

JD Will Launch More C2M Products with Seagate


by Rachel Liu

JD and Seagate reassured their partnership on a signing ceremony on Mar. 19 to create more C2M storage products and deliver to customers through the omnichannel model. JD hopes to help Seagate achieve a core customer increase of 40% YOY, and to double sales in the next three years.

As China’s post-90s generation becomes a key consumption group, more customers are demanding customized and niche products that meet their specific needs. JD and Seagate will go deeper in developing C2M products to expand the brand’s customer base. Seagate will also work with JD on B2B business and develop products that suit corporate clients.

In the next three years, JD will help Seagate expand on offline channels including JD Computer and Digital Stores and JD Home stores to reach more customers, especially those from lower-tier cities. The two sides will cooperate on marketing, using JD’s big data capabilities to achieve detailed operations on brand members, making sure the information of new products can be sent to targeted customers.

“Seagate and JD are close partners for a long time. Thanks to JD’s efforts, sales of Seagate have reached RMB billions yuan. This deepened partnership is a new start for a brighter future,” said Ningxi Zhu, director of Seagate China.